New Burger King Sandwich Is Debuting This Month

Instead of elegant white tablecloths and hefty pricing, Burger King's new sandwich may satisfy your Italian appetite. We contacted a Burger

King rep who confirmed that a special food is being prepared in the BK kitchens and will be released soon.

Burger King will sell the Italian Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich nationwide on Nov. 14. With marinara sauce and melted mozzarella

cheese on a "savory" bread, the new sandwich will have crispy chicken like the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich. It will cost $5.49 and last a short time.

Fans compare this new item to an adult version of the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich, which has been on and off the menu since 2014. The

superior quality and crispier chicken breast will be the biggest difference, however it won't be as crispy as the Ch'King's.

Burger King discontinued hand-breaded Ch'King chicken sandwiches earlier this year. They garnered great consumer evaluations but didn't

increase sales. Burger King replaced such sandwiches with Royal Crispy Chicken, which was easier to make.

Burger King's "Reclaim the Flame" marketing revamped chicken. The $400 million image overhaul included a "destination-worthy Chicken Sandwich portfolio."

Leaked information suggests Wendy's will launch two Italian-themed chicken and burger sandwiches around Nov. 15.

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