7 of the Worst Trees to Plant in Your Yard 

Known for its weak wood and tendency to split apart during storms, this tree also produces foul-smelling flowers and invasive seedlings.

Bradford Pear

Fast-growing but with brittle wood that easily breaks during storms, its shallow roots can also damage foundations, sidewalks, and plumbing.

Silver Maple

Beautiful but invasive, mimosa trees produce messy seed pods and have weak wood that makes them prone to storm damage.


Grows quickly but has weak branches susceptible to wind damage and disease. Its size can quickly become unmanageable in a small yard.

Leyland Cypress

Highly invasive with aggressive root systems that can damage infrastructure. It also produces a foul odor and crowds out native species.

Tree of Heaven

While the male ginkgo is fine, the female produces foul-smelling fruits that create a significant mess and unpleasant odor when they fall.


Known for shedding large branches unpredictably, eucalyptus trees also produce a lot of debris and can be fire hazards due to their oil-rich leaves.


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