Our Best Tips To Create A Halo Eye Makeup Look

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Prep Your Eyes:

Start with a clean and primed eyelid to ensure your eyeshadows adhere well and last longer.

Choose Your Colors:

Select three eyeshadow shades: a light shade for the center of the lid, a darker shade for the inner and outer corners.

Map Out the Shape:

Use a light hand to sketch the shape of the halo with the medium shade. Form a sideways "V" on the outer and inner corners of your eyes.

Apply the Light Shade:

Pat the lightest shade onto the center of your lid where you left space. This will create the illusion of a spotlight effect.

Blend the Edges:

Blend the edges of the medium shade to ensure a seamless transition between colors. A fluffy blending brush works well for this step.

Deepen the Corners:

Apply the darker shade to the inner and outer corners of your eyes, connecting the shades to form a halo. Make sure to blend well for a smooth gradient.

Highlight the Brow Bone:

Use a light, shimmery eyeshadow or a highlighter to accentuate your brow bone. This step helps lift the eyes and adds a finishing touch to your halo eye look.

Lower Lash Line:

Apply the same shades you used on the upper lid to the lower lash line. Connect the outer and inner corners.


Line your eyes with eyeliner if desired. You can choose a winged look or a simple line along the lash line.

Clean Up Edges:

Use a makeup wipe or a bit of concealer on a small brush to clean up any eyeshadow fallout or to sharpen the edges of your eyeshadow.


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