Perennials That Provide Gorgeous Fall Color

Japanese Anemone

Japanese anemones are elegant perennials that produce clusters of delicate, saucer-shaped flowers in shades of pink, white, and purple

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

This hardy perennial produces large, flat clusters of tiny pink flowers that gradually deepen to a rich, rosy red as the season progresses.


Asters are classic fall-blooming perennials that come in a variety of colors, including shades of purple, pink, blue, and white.


Goldenrod is a hardy perennial that produces tall spikes of bright yellow flowers from late summer to fall.

Toad Lily

Blooming from late summer into fall, these flowers add an exotic touch to the garden.


Helenium, also known as sneezeweed, is a vibrant perennial that produces masses of daisy-like flowers in shades of red, orange, and yellow.


Turtlehead is a unique perennial that produces clusters of snapdragon-like flowers in shades of pink, white, and purple.

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