Plants That Will Attract Bluebirds to Your Yard

The berries are rich in nutrients, providing an essential food source for both adult bluebirds and their fledglings.


Elderberry is a fast-growing shrub that produces clusters of dark purple berries that are a hit with bluebirds.


Bluebirds are particularly fond of the berries that dogwoods produce in late summer and fall.


The bright red berries of sumac trees and shrubs ripen in late summer and persist well into winter, providing a critical food source when other berries are scarce.


Holly bushes, with their glossy leaves and bright red berries, are a staple in many gardens, especially around the holiday season.


Virginia creeper is a vigorous climbing vine that bluebirds find irresistible. In late summer and fall, the plant produces small, dark blue berries, which are a favorite among bluebirds.

Virginia Creeper

Bayberry is a hardy shrub that produces small, waxy berries loved by bluebirds. These berries are high in fat content, making them an important energy source for bluebirds, especially in winter.


Wild grape vines are a fantastic addition to a bird-friendly garden. These vigorous climbers produce clusters of small, sweet grapes that bluebirds find irresistible.

Wild Grape

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