Plants You Should Have In Your Garden To Naturally Enrich The Soil


: Legumes are known for their ability to fix nitrogen in the soil through a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their root nodules.


Comfrey has deep roots that draw up nutrients from the subsoil. When its leaves are cut and used as mulch or composted.


Buckwheat is a fast-growing cover crop that can be used to suppress weeds, improve soil structure, and add organic matter.


Mustard plants are excellent for biofumigation, which helps suppress soil-borne pests and diseases.


Alfalfa is a deep-rooted plant that brings up nutrients from deep within the soil. It also fixes nitrogen and adds organic matter when tilled into the soil.


Certain types of radishes, such as daikon, have long roots that can break up compacted soil and improve soil structure.


Sunflowers have deep roots that help improve soil structure and bring up nutrients from deep in the ground. 

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