Popeyes Is Bringing Back a Popular Chicken Sandwich With a Twist

The chicken sandwich monarch is counting on a fan-favorite returning to "reignite" the Chicken Sandwich Wars. The restaurant is rereleasing

its Blackened Chicken Sandwich and revealing its home-cooking components for the first time.

The sandwich uses a breading-free marinated chicken breast coated in blackening spices and was available for a brief time last year. Like the

popular breaded chicken sandwich, it comes on a brioche bun with crunchy pickles and house or spicy mayo.

Popeyes Rewards members may test the $4.99 Blackened Chicken Sandwich on the app or website and earn bonus points for free normal

fries on their next order. Chicken sandwiches have 150 more calories than breading-free sandwiches.

Popeyes also expects consumers to copy the item at home with this release. The firm is publishing the spice rub ingredients and daring fans

A search for any popular fast-food sandwich online yields dozens or hundreds of copycat recipes. Popeyes believes its method is better than

yours and that only its restaurants deliver the real stuff. The manufacturer won't release the spice ratios, but you can try black pepper, cumin,

Chicken breasts were transported to eateries nationwide awaiting the sandwich's announcement, sparking early anticipation.

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