Pringles Just Brought Back a Fan-Favorite Chip Flavor

The reintroduction of a discontinued Pringles flavor is planned. After teasing a chip flavor on Instagram, the snack brand confirmed Honey Mustard Pringles

Fans were upset when Pringles discontinued this flavor in 2022. Kellanova, the brand's parent business

said "thousands" of social media users wanted it back. Garlic and red spices give these chips a tangy, sweet taste.

"Pringles Honey Mustard has an incredibly passionate fanbase, in fact, it was our most asked-for flavor in the last two years," Pringles U.S.

marketing lead Mauricio Jenkins stated in a press release. "Our die-hard fans' efforts paid off and the delicious tangy and subtly sweet Pringles Honey Mustard crisps

When Pringles teased the flavor release, Instagram followers speculated in the comments. Ketchup and mustard, cheeseburger

Fans flooded Pringles' Instagram comments with enthusiasm at Honey Mustard's return.

"These are amazing! I hope to discover them shortly. I had to transport them over state lines. One Instagram user said, "They're great.

Pringles introduced new varieties in 2023. The brand released a limited-edition Everything Bagel with sesame, poppy seeds, cream cheese

Before this taste, Pringles released Harvest Blend, a sweet potato and multigrain chip line. This chip comes in Multigrain Farmhouse Cheddar

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