Red Lobster Just Rescued A Rare 1-In-30 Million Crustacean

Red Lobster fans may now add another interesting tidbit to their list. The Hot Springs, Arkansas, firm uncovered one orange lobster amid its scarlet-hued lobster cargo, a great event. 

Orange lobsters are unusual, so the firm was excited to receive the cargo from Maine.

Marine specialists, including University of New England Professor of Marine Science Markus Frederich, concur that annual announcements of "lobster landings and anecdotal reports."

New England Aquarium Senior Aquarist Bill Murphy told The Takeout that the possibilities are closer to 10 million than 30, but it's still an amazing discovery.

Red Lobster reported that "Scarlett" the orange lobster, named after the worker who found her, had settled at Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

This is a positive development as orange lobsters normally don't survive in the water. They attract hungry seafaring predators with their brilliant coloring.

Interestingly, Red Lobster has encountered uncommon orange lobsters before. A 2022 press release said the restaurant chain's Hollywood, Florida, branch had a similar incident.

That area dubbed its lobster "Cheddar" after Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Two orange lobsters in two years is great, but these conditions are extraordinary because they were brought to the same tank.

Scarlett and Cheddar are now friends, and Ripley's Aquarium is glad to update the world on their TikTok broadcast.

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