7 Shade Loving Perennials to Brighten Your Garden

Hybrid Astilbe lights up the shade with its feathery plumes of flowers in shades of pink, red, and white. Its fern-like foliage remains attractive throughout the season. Zones 4-9

Hybrid Astilbe

Hardy Begonia features beautiful, heart-shaped leaves and delicate flowers. It’s a resilient choice for adding a splash of color to the shaded parts of the garden.

Hardy Begonia

Named for its unique flower shape, which resembles a turtle’s head, Turtlehead thrives in moist, shaded areas, providing late-season color with its pink or white blooms.


Native to the Eastern U.S., these plants feature pale green leaves and stalks of tubular blue flowers, transitioning from pink to clear blue before going dormant.

Virginia Bluebells

Foxglove has tall spikes of bell-shaped flowers, perfect for adding height to shaded gardens. Blooms late spring to early summer. Zones 4-10


Ladybells boast delicate, bell-shaped flowers, offering a touch of grace to any shaded garden. They thrive under the canopy of trees, brightening up shaded spaces.


Woodland Phlox covers the ground with fragrant flowers in spring, ideal for adding a splash of color beneath trees or along shaded pathways.

Woodland Phlox

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