Smart Ways To Declutter In 2024

Sell, donate, or recycle items through apps and websites to declutter and help others.

Online Marketplaces

Immediately handle tasks that take less than a minute to keep spaces tidy effortlessly.

One-Minute Rule

Clean up digital files, unsubscribe from emails, and use cloud storage for better organization.

Digital Declutter

Use kits from organizations to easily send off items like clothes and electronics for a purposeful clear-out.

Decluttering Kits

Sort items into Trash, Give Away, Keep, or Relocate to make quick decluttering decisions.

Four-Box Method

Evaluate and declutter items seasonally, focusing on relevant clothing and decorations.

Seasonal Decluttering

Before buying, assess the necessity, storage space, and value of items to prevent future clutter.

Mindful Shopping

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