10 Baby Name Trends To Look Out For This Year

Nature-Inspired Names:

Names inspired by nature, such as Willow, Rose, River, and Autumn, continue to be popular.

Vintage Revival:

Vintage and classic names like Eleanor, Henry, and Violet have made a comeback.

Gender-Neutral Names:

Parents are increasingly choosing gender-neutral names, such as Taylor, Jordan, and Riley, for their versatility.

Mythological Names:

Names from mythology, like Luna, Atlas, and Apollo, are gaining popularity.

Celebrity Influence:

Names of celebrity babies or names chosen by popular figures can influence trends.

Cultural Diversity:

Embracing names from various cultures and ethnicities is a growing trend as parents seek unique and meaningful names.

Word Names:

Simple and straightforward word names, such as Grace, Joy, or Sage, are becoming increasingly popular.

Names with 'X' and 'Z':

Names containing the letters 'X' and 'Z,' such as Felix, Axel, Zoe, and Hazel, are trendy.

Literary Inspirations:

Names from literature, both classic and modern, are being used. Examples include Atticus, Scarlett, and Darcy.

Place Names:

Names inspired by locations or cities, such as London, Brooklyn, and Paris, are on the rise.