Striped Home Decor: 10 Pieces We're Adding To Our Wish List

Striped Area Rug

A black and white striped rug can create a bold statement in a living room or bedroom.

Nautical Striped Throw Pillows

Blue and white stripes are perfect for a coastal or nautical-themed room.

Vertical Striped Curtains

Mentions curtains with vertical stripes, which can visually elongate a room, making it appear taller.

Accent Chair

Talks about an accent chair with colorful stripes, which can stand out in a room with more neutral tones.

Striped Table Runner

Suggests a table runner for dining areas, adding elegance with its striped pattern.

Striped Bedding Set

Refers to bedding with subtle stripes, aimed at creating a calming and sophisticated bedroom environment.

Striped Wall Art

Indicates wall art with stripes, a simple yet effective way to add dynamic visual interest to a room.

Striped Ceramic Vases

These vases, ideal for decorative purposes on shelves or tables, incorporate patterns into the decor.

Striped Storage Baskets

Highlights the dual functionality and style of these baskets, useful for organization and adding to the room's aesthetic.

Striped Lampshade

Describes a lampshade with a striped pattern, contributing a unique and playful yet elegant element to lighting fixtures.

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