Sweet! Honey May Improve Blood Sugar & Cholesterol

Everything tastes better with honey. Chicken, fish, bread, sweets, and even a mouthful of the sweet pleasure.

Honey may lower blood sugar and cholesterol, but some types may be superior, according to new research.

Honey is a "free sugar," which is any sugar that may be added to food or drink, and it's frequently regarded one of the healthier ones.

Honey may affect cardiometabolic risk factors, according to University of Toronto researchers who published their findings in Nutrition

Reviews. See 11 Dietitian-Approved Pantry Foods You Should Keep On Hand for more healthy eating suggestions and read on for more about the study.

The researchers conducted a comprehensive review and meta-analysis of 18 controlled trials with over 1,100 individuals and a median duration of two months.

Honey improved cardiometabolic health, including blood sugar and cholesterol. Participants consumed about two teaspoons of honey

daily, although raw honey and honey from a single bloom had several health benefits. Processed honey wasn't as beneficial to the body.

Gervacio explains, "A spoonful or two of raw honey provides the nutrition you require. Ancient people utilized honey as a medicine.

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