Taco Bell Is Testing 2 New Menu Items

Taco Bell is adding new dishes to its menu after Taco Tuesday. Mexican BBQ Flatbread Melt and Three-Cheese Flatbread Melt are new Taco Bell flatbreads. 

Taste testing these new foods is confined to two cities, unfortunately. Dayton, Ohio residents may have flatbread melts for $2 at selected locations.

The shredded beef grilled cheese burrito is only available in Oklahoma City. New goods will be offered at specific locations for a short period.

If taste-testers like the new menu items, Taco Bell may use this limited launch to evaluate popularity for a nationwide release. The fast food chain tests new goods in certain markets.

The affordable flatbread melts will be available in two varieties. Grilled chicken marinated in Mexican BBQ sauce and melted shredded cheese top the Mexican BBQ version.

The three-cheese flatbread melt may appeal to meat-reducers. Instead of chicken, it uses shredded cheeses and chipotle sauce.

Oklahoma City's shredded beef grilled cheese burrito is the chain's latest. The new item has three cheeses, green sauce, and the fast food chain's slow-braised shredded beef.

At participating locations, beef can be substituted into other menu items to test the new protein without ordering a burrito.

These new menu items are only available in two cities for a limited time, but Taco Bell fans everywhere may eventually taste them.

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