The 7 Best Trapezius Exercises to Grow your Traps

Barbell Shrugs: This classic trap exercise involves lifting a barbell by shrugging your shoulders upward, targeting the upper traps.

Dumbbell Shrugs: Similar to barbell shrugs, using dumbbells allows for a greater range of motion and isolates each trap individually.

Upright Rows: Using a barbell or dumbbells, lift the weight vertically in front of your body to shoulder height, engaging the traps along with the shoulders.

Face Pulls: Using a cable machine with a rope attachment, pull the rope towards your face while keeping your elbows high, effectively working the upper traps and rear deltoids.

Farmer's Walk: Carry heavy weights in each hand and walk a set distance or for a set time, engaging the traps to stabilize the shoulders and maintain posture.

Bent-Over Rows: This compound exercise targets the entire back, including the traps, by pulling a barbell or dumbbells towards your torso while bent over at the hips.

Overhead Barbell Shrugs: Performing shrugs with a barbell held overhead (in a snatch grip position) targets the traps differently, engaging both the upper and lower fibers.

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