The Best Road Trips In The U.S. For Epic Drives

It would be blasphemous not to include Route 66 at the top of any road trip roundup. The iconic Mother Road is one of the U.S. Highway System’s original routes.

1. Route 66

This show-stealing drive may have shot to fame after its cameo in the Big Little Lies opening credits montage, but it’s been a beloved route for in-the-know motorists for years.

2. Highway 1 to Big Sur

Like many classic road trip routes across the U.S., this one comprises sections of road that form a continuous experience.

3. Route 101

In the mood for a leisurely, legendary drive? If so, head for the Blue Ridge Parkway, where the speed limit sits at a comfortable 45mph and commercial vehicles are strictly prohibited.

4. Blue Ridge Parkway

For a tropical escape, blast some Jimmy Buffett and hit the Overseas Highway. The route follows US-1, connecting the Florida Keys during a 113-mile, sun-drenched drive.

5. Overseas Highway

Originally constructed to promote tourism and encourage people to visit America’s national parks, this remarkable road has achieved its purpose since its completion in 1932.

6. Going-to-the-Sun Road

Pack a pair of cowboy boots and set course for the Santa Fe Loop, woven between the valleys of the Rio Grande and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico.

7. Santa Fe to Taos Loop

The little-known Lincoln Highway was the first road for automobiles across the whole of the U.S. It was conceived in 1912 by Indiana entrepreneur Carl G. Fisher and formally opened a year later.

8. Lincoln Highway

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