The Most Beautiful Cats in the World

The Turkish Angora is a silky-coated, long-tailed creature worthy of being on the list of contenders for the title of “prettiest cat in the world.

Turkish Angora

Persians can have multiple colors in their coats. But the beauty ideal for this gorgeous breed is the solid white Persian often seen in American cat food advertising.


The Siamese cat is one of the most highly recognized breeds with their distinctive beige bodies and dark brown to black facial, tail, and lower leg markings.


Bred from the Siamese and Abyssinian is the Ocicat, a leopard-spotted domestic cat that looks like it belongs in the wilds.


The Cornish Rex is considered the prettiest cat in the world by many, but also one of the least attractive cats in the world by others.

Cornish Rex

The Bombay cat is a shadowy stunner with a fully black coat, nose, and paw pads. This breed also features wide-set green eyes.


The Maine Coon is unique on this list of the most beautiful cat breeds because of its size. It is a big, solid cat that can weigh more than 20 pounds.

Maine Coon

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