The Most Shark-Infested Waters in the World

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA: Often referred to as the "Shark Attack Capital of the World," this beach sees a high number of shark encounters, particularly with blacktip and spinner sharks

Gansbaai, South Africa: Known as "Shark Alley," Gansbaai is famous for its dense population of great white sharks, attracting many tourists for cage diving.

Bondi Beach, Australia: A popular surfing destination, Bondi Beach has frequent shark sightings, including bull sharks and great whites, leading to occasional beach closures.

Kosi Bay, South Africa: This area sees a high density of bull sharks, which are known for their aggressive behavior and tendency to venture into freshwater systems.

Reunion Island, Indian Ocean: This island has experienced a significant number of shark attacks in recent years, primarily involving bull and tiger sharks, prompting strict regulations on water activities.

Volusia County, Florida, USA: In addition to New Smyrna Beach, the entire Volusia County area is known for numerous shark encounters, often attributed to surfers and abundant fish populations.

Western Australia: Particularly around Perth and the southwestern coast, this region has frequent great white shark sightings and attacks, leading to extensive shark monitoring programs.

Hawaii, USA: The Hawaiian Islands, especially Oahu and Maui, have numerous shark species, including tiger sharks, which are responsible for most of the shark attacks in the region.

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