These 8 Animals Are The Most Extreme in North America

American Bison: One of the largest land mammals in North America, known for its strength and historical significance.

Grizzly Bear: Among the largest predators in North America, known for its size, strength, and occasional aggressiveness.

Bald Eagle: The national bird of the United States, known for its majestic appearance and status as a symbol of freedom.

Mountain Lion (Puma): Also known as cougar or puma, it is the largest wildcat in North America and a skilled predator.

American Alligator: Found primarily in the southeastern United States, it is a large reptile known for its powerful jaws and ability to thrive in various habitats.

Moose: The largest species of deer in North America, known for its imposing size and distinctive antlers.

Rattlesnake: Various species of rattlesnakes are found across North America, known for their venomous bites and distinctive rattling sound.

Gray Wolf: Once widespread across North America, this apex predator is known for its social structure, hunting prowess, and howling communication.

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