Top 8 States With The Most White-Tailed Deer


Texas has a large population of white-tailed deer spread across various habitats, from forests to grasslands.


Georgia is known for its abundant white-tailed deer population, especially in rural and forested areas.


Michigan has extensive forests and agricultural lands that support a thriving population of white-tailed deer.


Pennsylvania's diverse landscapes provide ideal habitats for white-tailed deer, supporting a robust population.


Wisconsin is known for its deer hunting culture and has a substantial white-tailed deer population across its forests and farmlands.

New York

New York State supports a significant white-tailed deer population, particularly in rural and suburban areas.


Ohio has a diverse landscape that includes forests, farmlands, and suburban areas where white-tailed deer thrive.


Virginia's mix of forests and agricultural lands provides ample habitat for white-tailed deer, making it a popular state for hunting and wildlife observation.

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