Walmart Is Losing Customers Through This

Walmart, America's most popular grocery store, is losing customers it's worked hard to build. While it is still the largest retail and supermarket

chain in the country, the big box retailer may need to work harder to become the top delivery firm.

Walmart introduced Walmart+ a few years ago to compete with Amazon's Prime subscription program,

which it recently integrated with InHome delivery. It's strong, but not enough to keep internet shoppers buying.

Business Insider claims that Walmart+ has lost consumers in recent months. Despite multiple changes and bonuses since the pandemic

began, it's the first time the program has witnessed negative growth since its introduction two years ago. From 11.5 million in the first several months,

The program charges customers $98/year or $12.95/month. Free next-day delivery on Walmart-shipped items and up to 180,000 foods and

products are available. Walmart once delivered things to consumers' homes. While InHome didn't take off, Walmart recently created Walmart+

" and Walmart+ are very much grocery-centric these days," Consumer Intelligence Research Partners partner and co-

founder Josh Lowitz told Business Insider. "So it makes sense to enhance the service specifically in grocery, as opposed to adding video subscriptions

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