Walmart Is Offering These For Free Soon

Walmart has been growing its healthcare offerings in recent years, but shoppers already turn to the firm for pharmaceuticals. Walmart

introduced its first physical health centers in 2019, with more opening the following year. Walmart added five more after slowing expansion in

2021. All provide medical, dental, and optometry to insured and uninsured customers. Walmart is soon offering several of its services for free

Walmart Wellness Day on Saturday, July 23 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time offers free glucose, cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure, and COVID-

19 screenings and affordable immunizations like pneumonia, tetanus, HPV, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox/shingles, whooping cough,

Hepatitis A & B, and more at 4,600 Walmart pharmacies nationwide. Many of these services cost hundreds of dollars.

Starbucks adds, "Walmart Wellness Day encourages families to get healthy and stay on a healthy track by helping them know their

numbers and then seek care to improve their lifestyles," on its website. "Walmart Wellness Day is also a great time for customers to learn about our health

This has happened before. Since 2014, Walmart Wellness Days have offered free and cheap healthcare to all shoppers, regardless of

insurance. Since its founding, the firm has provided 4.7 million free health screenings that would otherwise cost doctors or at-home examinations.

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