Zodiac Sign With the Worst Manners

People with bad manners

If you're in the company of a particularly worst manners individual, it may be due to their horoscope.

Zodiac sign

Astrology specialists reveal the zodiac signs with the worst manners, ranging from somewhat impolite to outright unpleasant.

6. gemini

As Mercurials, they have a tendency to be all over the place: Their heads are racing all over the place, and they want to do everything and see everything.

5. sagittarius

If a Sag has an opinion, they will express it—which may appear impolite to those who are used to more control.

4. scorpio

Look out if someone crosses them in speech, insults them socially, or even arouses Scorpio's jealousy.

3. leo

Leo was born to be a star. However, if they don't keep their star power in check, they may come out as ill-mannered attention hogs.

2. aquarius

They just do not function well in emotional situations, which might cause them to appear cold, unfeeling, and bored.

1. aries

If the conversation lags, someone's reaction is missing, or the mood of the party becomes too low, Aries is the first to speak up and fire out a retort.

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